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Hospital Administration

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Director General, The Royal Hospital:
  Dr. Qasem Al Salmi
Dy. Director General (Medical):   Dr. Kadhim Jaffer Sulaiman
Dy. Director General (Adm & Finance):
  Mrs. Ahlam bint Suleiman Al Busaidi
Advisor, Hospital Administration:
  Dr. Mario Carmo de Souza
Head, Quality Management:
  Dr. Ismail Al Rashdi
Director of Nursing:
  Mrs. Fatma Al Masroory
Director, Finance:   Mr. Ali bin Khamis Al Mooty
Director, Patient and Public Relations:
  Mr. Said Mahfoodh Al Salti
Director, General Services:
  Mr. Khalil bin Mohammed Al Kharusi
Director, Personnel:   Mr. Omar Al Farsi
Director, Information Technology:   Mr. Mohammed Al Yahyai
Director, Pharmacy & Medical Stores:
  Sr. Ph. Amal El Said
Principal Engineer:   Mr. Ken Gorman
Director, Department of Child Health:
  Dr. Salim Al Maskary
Director, Department of Medicine:
  Dr. Mohammed Al Lamki
Director, Department of Surgery:
  Dr. Salim Al Busaidy
Director, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology:
  Dr. Noor Al Mandhari
 Director, Department of Oncology:
  Dr. Bassim bin Jaffer Al Bahrani
Director, Department of Medical Laboratories:
  Dr. Muhanna Al Musalhi
Director, Department of Radiology:
  Dr. Saqar Al Tai
Director, Department of Anaesthesia:
  Dr. Maher bin Jaffer Al Bahrani
Director, Adult Emergency:
  Dr. Hood Al Abri

 The Director General is responsible for the overall functioning of the Hospital and reports to H.E. The Minister of Health. The Office of the Director General sets up and ensures implementation of policies and procedures required for effective, efficient and economical running of the Hospital within the framework of directives of the Ministries of Health, Finance and Civil Service.
The senior members of the Hospital Administration cited above meet on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of every month as the Medical Committee and Clinical Directors meeting respectively.
The core members of the Hospital Administration (consisting of the Director General, Dy. Directors General, Hospital Administration Advisor, Nursing Superintendent and Principal Engineer) meet on second Sunday of every month to review progress and discuss major operational issues in the running of the Hospital. The Dy. Director General (Adm & Finance) also meets with the Directors of administrative and support service departments on the second and fourth Monday of every month to coordinate and follow up on administrative issues.
After regular working hours and on weekends, the Hospital Administration is coordinated by the Duty Directors. They are responsible for the overall functioning of the Hospital and liaison with the public, patients and staff to coordinate any issues that arise on an emergency basis. They include:
Mr. Hassan Yusuf Al Baloshy, Duty Director
Mr. Abdulla Ismail Al Fazary, Duty Director
Mr. Kamal Mohammed Al Lawati, Duty Director
Mr. Salim Hamed Al Shuaily, Duty Director
Mr. Abdulla Saif Al Azri, Duty Director
Mr. Abdulla Khatier Al Nofley, Duty Director
Mr. Abdul Illa Mansoor, Duty Director.

The organizational chart of the Hospital is as follows:
Royal Hospital Organization Chart

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